The good energies a team brings to a new project can quickly get derailed if people do not feel they have a clear understanding of why they’re working on something.

Opinion wars escalate when there is no customer involvement that would let us better understand their needs both now and over time. Teams often create additional features to support their own egos and opinions, without grounding their justification in evidence of what customers actually need.

Sometimes, during a project, people create conflicts that serve only to get in the way of making meaningful things together. In other words, unnecessary and petty battles take the fun out of work and prevent it from being productive. But why would people create such conflict?

Perhaps one, some, or all of the following factors have plagued one of your projects:

  • The team did not collect or clearly understand the requirements.
  • The team did not define the core of the offering properly.
  • There was too much distance between the customer and the project goals.
  • The organization had already spent too much money to allow the project to fail.
  • The team simply did not know how to get along.

All of these factors can create an environment of fear and uncertainty that prevents people from working together to create wonderful products and services.

What elements of a project should we all be thinking about to help bring people together to make meaningful things together?