When Dan was in secondary school in Australia in the 1980s, his school decided to introduce drama as a subject in the curriculum.

This was new to all of the students.

In rehearsing the skills that they needed to do a play together, the students had to constantly practice different routines in class both to get better at performing and to gain confidence when in front of an audience.

Practicing these routines, as individuals and in groups, involved different forms of expression, including voice, movement, mime, warmups and script readings to name a few.

These routines enabled the students to improve various skills that they needed to be better performers, including observation, leading, listening, connecting, framing, playing and storytelling.

It also allowed the students to explore different parts of their personalities and open up beyond their other day-to-day classroom or playground interactions.

Dan's drama teacher was very effective in taking the lead, showing them that it was okay to take a leap into the unknown to gain confidence even though some were fearful.

He was also very skilled at connecting routines together during rehearsal, which led to the improvements that were necessary to perform a student production at the end of the year.