Large organisations are complex organisms with different combinations of roles, teams, and departments and are often political in nature.

People have personal needs, handle a range of jobs and functions, and have different backgrounds and educations. Organisations employ various approaches, skills, methodologies, measures, and reward structures in accomplishing their goals.

A huge challenge in large organisations is the ability to form smaller, nimble project teams who share a common sense of purpose.

It’s the ability of such teams to come together and intentionally create something great that enables organisations to achieve stellar results with the help of integrated approaches and practices that guide them, not only in becoming better at working well together, but also, hopefully, in getting more enjoyment out of their work.

Over time, such teams get better and better at both their individual roles and their ability to work effectively together.

Intentional Awareness
Another challenge that is often present in larger organizations but seldom spoken about—is a lack of intentional awareness regarding the types of project conversations, interactions, and experiences people have with one another on a project team.

Where there is a deliberate and constant investment in learning, improving, and maturing as part of practicing the approaches and skills that are necessary for a project team, teammates can build trust with one another, help others on the team, and keep the team together over time.

This effort may include defining a well understood, comfortable, open, inviting project language. When a team defines a project’s purpose and artifacts together, then iterates them over time and even across successive projects - the learning environment matures iteratively, as part of the project experience.